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Station 35
Lt. Chad Delano

One of the original stations built by the W.C.R.S. was located in Fairview prior to the City of Fairview establishing a municipal fire department.  This original station (pictured left) later was expanded and became the City of Fairview Fire Department and the W.C.R.S. turned over fire services to the City of Fairview.

In 2012 the unincorporated areas of Williamson County around Fairview were once again found in need of fire protection.  The W.C.R.S. was approached and accepted the task opening Station 35 on January 1, 2013.  Station 35 is shared with the City of Fairview.  Station 35 is home to Engine 35, Brush 35, and Utility 35. 

Utility 35 (pictured right) is a 2020 Ford Ranger.  It is used for personnel transport and medical response.


Engine 35 is a 2016Rosenbauer  1,000 gallon pumper.  

Brush 35 is a 2019 F550 chassis with a Rosenbauer body.  

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