Chief Todd Bowman has been a member of the W.C.R.S. since 1991.  In that time he has risen up through the ranks before becoming Chief of the department in 2001.  

Assistant Chief Eddie House first joined the W.C.R.S. as a junior member before becoming a full fledged member in 1984.  Chief House has served as Assistant Chief since 1995.  He is a career fire fighter recently retired from the City of Franklin Fire Department after many years of service.  He now serves as the Deputy Fire Chief for the Spring Hill Fire Department.

Captain Tim Hood has been riding W.C.R.S. trucks since he was 7 years old.  His father, Charles Hood, was one of the founding members of the W.C.R.S.  In 1973 Captain Hood officially joined the W.C.R.S. and in 1981 became Captain.  Captain Hood handles the day to day affairs of the W.C.R.S.

Captain Bob Galoppi is a native of New York.  He began volunteering with a local department there in 1983.  He has served with various departments in various positions including Deputy Chief and Chief.  Captain Galoppi joined the W.C.R.S. in 2002.  He currently serves as the fire marshal for the W.C.R.S.

Captain Tim Reed has been a member of the W.C.R.S. since 1997.  During that time he has served in multiple roles.  Captain Reed currently serves as the Training Captain for the department.  Captain Reed is a career fire fighter and paramedic with the Metro Nashville Fire Department.

The W.C.R.S is governed by a Board of Directors.  Our current Board members are:

Jamie Carter- President

Bruce Holtje- Vice President

Keith Crowell- Treasurer

Adam Wade- Secretary

John Almon- Unit Director/TARS Liason

Jeff Lux- Member at Large Districts 12/14

Michelle Strange- Member at Large Districts 21/30

Doug Wingo- Member at Large Districts 22/35

Nick Reali- Member at Large Districts 23/24


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