Chief Bob Galoppi is a native of New York.  He began volunteering with a local department there in 1983.  He has served with various departments in various positions including Deputy Chief and Chief.  Chief Galoppi joined the W.C.R.S. in 2002.  He currently serves as the fire marshal for the W.C.R.S.


Captain Tim Hood has been riding W.C.R.S. trucks since he was 7 years old.  His father, Charles Hood, was one of the founding members of the W.C.R.S.  In 1973 Captain Hood officially joined the W.C.R.S. and in 1981 became Captain.  Captain Hood handles the day to day affairs of the W.C.R.S.


Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief Bill Almon is a long time member of the W.C.R.S.  Chief Almon has served in various roles and positions in the W.C.R.S. with the most recent being Captain of Station 23.  Chief Almon is a career fire fighter with the City of Franklin, currently serving as a lieutenant.

Captain Bill Gumbman is the WCRS training officer.  A transplant from New Jersey, Captain Gumbman spent his career in emergency services before retiring and moving to Tennessee.