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Chief Bob Galoppi is a native of New York.  He began volunteering with a local department there in 1983.  He has served with various departments in various positions including Deputy Chief and Chief.  Chief Galoppi joined WCFR in 2002.  He currently serves as the fire marshal for WCFR


Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief Bill Almon is a long time member of the WCFR.  Chief Almon has served in various roles and positions in the WCFR. with the most recent being Captain of Station 23.  Chief Almon is a career firefighter with the City of Franklin, currently serving as a captain.

District Chief

Chief Barry Burris is a 27-year veteran of the fire/rescue service, joined the WCFR in 2006. Prior to service in Williamson County, he progressed as a firefighter, EMT, engineer and officer in Illinois and California. 

District Chief

Chief Adam is a native of Williamson County,  has served with WCFR since 2004. A graduate of  Brentwood High School, Middle Tennessee State University (BS) and Bethel University (MS), Wade has spent his entire life in Williamson County. While in college, he joined WCFR and the Rutherford County Rescue Squad. Wade works in law enforcement as a career. 

Training Captain

Captain Bill Gumbman is the WCFR training officer.  A transplant from New Jersey, Captain Gumbman spent his career in emergency services before retiring and moving to Tennessee.

Public Information Officer/
Public Education & Relations

Captain Dinah Wade has served with WCFR since 2007. She teaches in the Franklin Special School District and has lived in Williamson County since 1988. Wade has a passion of bringing fire safety education to the community as well as helping the community understand the role of volunteer firefighters in Williamson County. 

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