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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is required to join WCFR?
Nothing!  As an all volunteer agency we accept new members from all walks of life.  All training is provided free of charge.  The only requirement is that you be 18 or older and have no felony convictions.

2. What training is required?
The State of Tennessee requires all volunteer fire fighters complete a 64 hour fire fighting training course and complete a live burn evolution.  In addition a 16 hour introduction to fire fighting course is required.  For the WCFR new members are required to complete their 64 and 16 hour courses, live burn, emergency medical responder (EMR), and hazardous materials awareness (HMA) within the first year of membership.
3. I work full time, how can I complete all the required training?
Most training and classes are offered two nights a week over a period of weeks.  Some weekend trainings are also required.  

4. How much does this cost?  Am I required to register for all these classes on my own?
One of the great benefits of fire protection in Williamson County is that most training is free!  Williamson County pays for most of the training required by state law and the departments.  All registration and sign ups are through the department.  Additionally, any needed gear and protective equipment is provided free of charge.

5.  I am interested in medical response but not really in going into fires.  Is there a place for me at the WCFR?
Absolutely!  We are a full service department offering fire protection, medical response, extrication and rescue, hazmat, and a variety of other services.  We need people who are interested in providing any of the mentioned services.

6. What is a rescue squad?  Why are you not the Williamson County Fire Department?
Traditionally in Tennessee rescue squads handled aspects of rescue such as swift water rescue, rope rescue, vehicle extrication, etc.  Fire departments traditionally handled fire related incidents. WCFR was originally formed as a search and rescue unit.  Up until 1974 that was our primary mission.  In 1974 WCFR was approached about providing fire services as well.

7.  Why are some of your trucks yellow?
Rescue squads traditionally sport a yellow or green color scheme.  We are now moving back to a red color scheme on our apparatus.

8.  I do not live in a WCFR district.  What other fire districts accept volunteers in Williamson County?
Visit to find the closest volunteer fire district near you.  Online applications for all volunteer agencies are accepted at that site. 

9.  Can you come to my child's birthday party?  Can we have a birthday party at the fire station?
We love birthday parties!  Due to insurance regulations we do not host parties at our stations.  We can come out to a party with advance notice.  Visit our public safety page to fill out a form for a party or other public event that you would like us to attend.

10.  I stopped by one of you stations but no one was there.  Are there not fire fighters at all stations 24/7?
One of the realities of volunteer fire service is that not every station is staffed 24/7.  That does not mean that there are not volunteers on duty to assist you.  Often times members are available for calls at work or at home.  They will respond to the station when a call goes out.

11. What are the time commitments to the WCFR?
Members are required to attend monthly membership meetings (first Tuesday of each month at 7 P.M.).  In addition monthly training and station events are required.  Response to calls in your district as you are available is required.  As with any volunteer activity what you put into it is equal to what you get out of it.  

12. Do you offer any pay or benefits?
Volunteers are just that.  We do not pay our members to participate.  A small retirement pension is offered to members who put in 10 years of service.  While participating in WCFR functions you are covered under our insurance policy.

13. Why volunteer?
Our districts rely on volunteers to come to them in their time of need. Whether it is a sick relative or a house fire, if volunteers do no step up and answer the call then no one will go to provide assistance.  

14.  Are you the same as the Franklin/Brentwood/Fairview/Spring Hill fire departments?
No.  The cities of Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Fairview have their own municipal paid fire departments.  Most of the WCFR districts border these municipalities and we often provide assistance to each other.

15. Can I listen to your calls on my scanner?
No.  In 2019 all agencies in Williamson County migrated to a new 700 MHZ radio system.  The radio traffic for all agencies in Williamson County is encrypted.

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