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Station 30

Captain Charlene Forehand

Lt. Chad Harrah

In 2012 it was determined that response times and coverage could be improved with a new station at the other end of Pinewood Road.   Station 30 was formed to assist with coverage in the Primm Springs area of Pinewood Road and opened on January 1, 2013.

Station 30 is home to Engine 30, Tanker 30, and Utility 30. 

Engine 30 (pictured above) is a 1997 Freightliner 1,000 gallon pumper manufactured by Quality.

Tanker 30 (pictured right) is a 2006 GMC 2,000 gallon tanker.

Utility 30 is a 2006 Ford Explorer.  It is used for personnel transport and medical response.

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