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Station 21

Station 21 is located in Leiper's Fork or as the long time residents call it Hillsboro.  Station 21 was the second station built by the W.C.R.S.  Originally a two bay station with a small office it was later expanded to four bays with living quarters and additional office space added. 

Station 21 is home to Squad 21, Tanker 21, Brush 21, and Utility 21.

Utility 21 is a 2020 Ford Ranger.  It is used for personnel transport and medical responses.


Brush 21 is a 2014 F550.  

Tanker 21 is a 1993 2,000 gallon tanker manufactured by 4Guys.


Squad 21 is a 2022 Pierce pumper.  It carries 1,000 gallons of water and a complement of various rescue tools.

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