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Station 24

Captain Bobby Rutledge

Lieutenant Nick Reali

In 2016 Station 24 was opened on Goosecreek Bypass.  The station has room for training, EMS, Sheriffs Office, and the W.C.R.S.

Station 24 is home to Squad 24, Tanker 24, Brush 24, and Utility 24.  Williamson County EMS has an ambulance and supervisor located here as well.

Squad 24 is a 2014 Rosenabuer rescue engine.  It carries 1,000 gallons of water, a full compliment of extrication equipment, and an air tank refilling station.


Tanker 24 is a 2006 GMC 2,000 gallon tanker.

Brush 24 is a 2005 Chevrolet 3500 used for brush fire and medical response.

Reserve Engine 111 is a 1994 Eone Custom Pumper.  It is housed at Station 24 and serves as a reserve apparatus.

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