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Station 23
Captain Mark Obermeyer
Lt. Adam Wade
In 1990 the W.C.R.S. was also able to build a station in Thompson Station.  This station was the original home for the Thompson Station government before they moved to their own facility.

Station 23 is home to Engine 23, Tanker 23, and Rescue 23.  It also shares space with Williamson County EMS.

Tanker 23 is a 1996 International with a 2,000 gallon water capacity.  It was built by 4Guys Manufacturing.

Rescue 23 is a 2007 Ford F550.  It is equipped with small tank and pump for brush fires.  It is also equipped with a generator and full compliment of extrication tools.

Engine 23 is a 2011 International 1,000 gallon pumper manufactured by Sutphen.

Utility 23 is a 2017 Hyundai Tucson.  It is used for medical response and personnel transport.

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